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What to Read Now Vol. V

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The Assassin’s Cloak: An Anthology of the World’s Greatest Diaries, edited by Irene and Alan Taylor
This book was originally issued 20 years ago and I have one of those copies but this is a much smarter edition! It is the perfect bedside book to dip into as and when you want. It is full of enticing nuggets from diarists ranging from Virginia Woolf to Nella Last, from Captain Scott to one of my personal favourites, Kenneth Williams. He writes, with hope in November 1960, ‘ John Kennedy has been voted President of the USA. This is very exciting to me. To think that, in this kind of world, a man of conscience, integrity, originality and quality can win through, against the mud of mediocrity and the fearful political corruption, is inspiring in itself.’

Gigantic Cinema, edited by Alice Oswald and Paul Keegan
This book appeals greatly to me. I live near the sea and it is the stage where scenes of changing weather are enacted constantly. This lovely anthology collects poems and prose from a range of poets and writers who have put down their own reactions and responses to this ever fascinating drama.

The Invisible Land, by Hubert Mingarelli
This bookshop has sold many copies of Mingarelli’s previous novels, A Meal in Winter and Four Soldiers and this third novel completes a loose trilogy which encapsulates the trauma and senseless violence of war. The Invisible Land takes us to the end of war but dawning awareness of the legacy and repercussions of 6 terrible years. All the books are slim volumes, under 150 pages, but the more impactful for their brevity.

The Private Eye Annual 2020, edited by Ian Hislop
Because, goodness me, we need and deserve a laugh and this evergreen Annual provides them in spades!

Klopp: My Liverpool Romance, by Anthony Quinn
Moving out of my comfort zone apart from very much enjoying Anthony Quinn’s novels, we had several pre-orders for this book. This is a very personal appreciation of a very formidable and apparently much loved football Manager and I imagine he feels about him very much as I feel about a certain tennis player…

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