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L&R Customers’ Choice: Robert D.

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We have asked some of our regular customers to curate a display of their favourite books for the shop. We’ll be updating the display, and the list on the website weekly. If you would like to buy or reserve any of these books please call the shop on 020 7229 1010, or email

Our next display is chosen by Robert D. Here is what he had to say about his choices:

“Choosing one favourite book is a challenge , choosing 15 – 20 is a fascinating impossibility. It opens the floodgates of choice. So this is a somewhat random selection with a bias towards what had been read recently and what relates to my current passions.  

“I fell in love with books when I was 15 courtesy of the steamy DH Lawrence though he doesn’t feature here. My mother, an English teacher, fuelled the fire and I have never been without a book in my hand since. And its definitely a book and not a kindle or other digital device.  

“For those that think reading is an escape from reality let me suggest the opposite. It is reality condensed by imagination and expressed in, at its best, poetic form. Books are a form of carbon free travel that evade time and place. “

  • Chinua Achebe – Things fall Apart
  • Bruce Chatwin – Songlines
  • Rachel Cusk – The Bradshaw Variations
  • Dickens – Great Expectations
  • Emily Dickinson Collected Works
  • TS Eliot Collected Works
  • Robert Hughes – The Culture of Complaint
  • Siri Hustvedt – What I loved
  • Joyce – Ulysses
  • Olivia Laing – To The River
  • Robert Macfarlane – Mountains of The Mind
  • Richard Maybey – Flora Brittanica
  • Alice Munro – Family Furnishings
  • Adam Nicholson – Sea Room
  • Sigrid Nunez – The Friend
  • WG Sebald – The Rings of Saturn
  • Patti Smith – Just Kids
  • Rebecca Solnit – Wanderlust
  • Tolstoy – Anna Karenina
  • E O Wilson – The Diversity of Life
  • King James Bible

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