Teethmarks on my Tongue


This most unusual coming-of-age novel with its impressive characterization, humor and vivid sense of place takes its clever, if barely street-wise and increasingly obsessive, teenaged narrator on a physical as well as psychological journey towards an astute, hard fought, and deserved, maturity.

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Helen Stockton DeFoe’s world disintegrates after her mother is gunned down on the streets of Richmond. The more intently she begins to observe her remote, detached father, the more she learns about her place within the rarefied world she inhabits. Just when it appears she is at last becoming closer to him, it all falls apart as he coldly undermines her abiding passions, causing her to question the identity she’s created.

Her rebellion leads her to Europe on a disturbing path dominated by chance and evolving self-realisation. A hugely impressive, beautifully written debut novel narrated by an increasingly obsessive teenager as she embarks on a physical and psychological journey towards maturity.

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