STAFF PICK: Our Friends in Berlin


Tara’s staff pick for September: “A really enjoyable and well-written novel about counter-espionage in wartime London, inspired by the real-life figure Jack King. I think Anthony Quinn writes women tremendously well.”
Breathtakingly tense and trip-wired with surprises, Our Friends in Berlin is inspired by true events. It is a story about deception and loyalty – and about people in love who watch each other as closely as spies.

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London, 1941. The city is in blackout and an enemy is hiding in plain sight. Jack Hoste has become entangled in a national treachery.
His mission: to locate the most dangerous Nazi agent in the country. He soon receives a promising lead in Amy Strallen, whose life is a world away from the machinations of Nazi sympathisers. But when Hoste pays a visit to Amy’s office, the dangerous game he is playing becomes even more lethal.
Paperback; 288 pages; 256g;