LOCAL AUTHOR: How to See Birds


A personal and witty approach to birdwatching, by a British enthusiast who wants to open our eyes to the beauty of birds.

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When we see a bird, do we actually notice it? Many of us don’t. But in Britain, there are more than a million members of the RSPB and, thanks to social media, there is also a growing number of bird photographers. From the giant raptors of our skies to the sweetest singing garden robin, from the streets of London to the Masai Mara, ‘How To See Birds’ offers us the key to a thrilling world.
Using his photographs as a guide, Matthew Stadlen takes us on a very personal birdwatching journey and, in the process, helps us to see birds – to really see birds! The book also includes a foreword by Martin Harper (Global Conservation Director, RSPB).
Hardback; 192 pages; 894g;