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Independent Bookshop Week: Mark Billingham and Sebastian Faulks Recommend….

On Saturday June 24th, top authors, customers and bookshop staff united to celebrate the start of Independent Bookshop Week. It was a joyous occasion, filled with music, book chat and stuffed blue kangaroos, in honour of Emma Chichester Clarke’s visit.
If you are stuck for summer reading ideas you need look no further, as bestselling authors Mark Billingham and Sebastian Faulks shared their top recommendations for books they have recently enjoyed:
Mark’s picks:
Slow Horses, by Mick Herron
Missing Presumed, by Susie Steiner
Uncommon People, by David Hepworth
Sebastian’s picks:
The Day that Went Missing, by Richard Beard
The Black Prince, by Iris Murdoch
The Voyage of Dr Doolittle, by Hugo Lofting
Thanks to all who made L&R’s Independent Bookshop Week party a success – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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