Associate Agents

Lutyens and Rubinstein work with the following literary agencies outside of the UK.

All foreign rights enquiries to Francesca Davies:

U.S.A Kimberly Witherspoon
at InkWell Management
Brazil Tassy Barham Associates
Bulgaria Anthea Literary Agency
Czech Republic Kristin Olson s.r.o
France La Nouvelle Agence
Germany Agentur Petra Eggers
Greece JLM Literary Agency
Hungary Andrew Nurnberg
Israel The Deborah Harris Agency
Italy Grandi & Associati
Japan The English Agency
Japan Uni
Korea Eric Yang Agency
Latvia Andrew Nurnberg
Poland Book/lab Literary Agency
Romania Simona Kessler Agency
Russia/Estonia Synopsis Agency
People’s Republic of China Grayhawk Agency
Spain/Portugal The Foreign Office
Thailand Tuttle Mori
Turkey Kalem Agency