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Amaryllis Returns

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Gosh, it has been a while hasn’t it. I don’t quite know how that has happened but I have been very busy with Home Improvements and falling in love with Proust and the time has just flown by.
The last time I spoke was, I believe, to bemoan the Booker shortlist. We have all moved on since the announcement of the winner but I will just let you know that needless to say I didn’t agree with the Judges and my choice was The Long Take by Robert Robertson which was just a beautiful, visual piece of writing and extremely moving. I have been vindicated in my choice because it has recently been announced as the winner of the Goldsmiths Prize, a far superior award in my opinion!
Anyway, enough of prizes although the Costa shortlist, announced today, looks promising. We are all about Christmas now and stuffed to the rafters with advent calendars, Christmas cards and wrap and marvellous books for every member of the family, love them or loathe them! In a couple of weeks, I shall be revealing my choices for my own very lucky family whose tastes range from cricket to crime, feminism to film and baking to biography.
Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to our last book group meetings of the year (details on the website) which this year will feature Secret Santa in the form of a book obviously. Everyone is fired up, surveying the shop for other members and hastily hiding books with affected nonchalance if surprised by any. A great excuse to don our Christmas jumpers, some are even knitting them as I write, bedeck ourselves in tinsel and paper-hats and generally have lots of fun!
I have read enjoyed some very different books recently: Middle England by Jonathan Coe; A Different Drummer by William Melvin Kelley; and there has been a resurgence of love for Jane Gardam following a discussion of God on the Rocks at one of our most recent book groups.
I won’t leave it so long next time!

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