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Amaryllis Is Away

This will be my last dispatch as the summer holidays beckon and whilst many of you will be off to The Country or another country, I will be heading for the Highlands: by day scaling the misty mountains, striding through the bracken and running with the deer; by night, lying under the stars or dazzling with my dancing…
We have just read Anne of Green Gables for T’s new adults reading children’s fiction. I was rather apprehensive at reading it so many years later as it was immortalised as one of my favourite books of childhood. But I need not have worried; it was as glorious as ever, funnier and a more melancholy interest in the middle-aged Marilla. Anyway, it probably explains my flights of fantasy. Certainly a trip to the Highlands sounds more exciting than a homecation… Lovely as it is where I live, there are obvious drawbacks to holidaying in the place one lives: cupboards displaying admonitory dust and unused and unusable objects that one now has time to clear out but absolutely no inclination – it’s meant to be a holiday!; cracks and peeling paint become alarmingly visible once one has time to pay attention; picking up all those books I have promised myself when I have time whilst guiltily trying to ignore the pile of proofs falling off the shelf… There is no place like home unless you are coming home from a villa in Verona or a cottage in Cornwall. But it is what it is and could be a lot worse and with sun, sea, sky and seagulls imagination can take you anywhere… (Strange that all the good things start with s or c – chocolate, coffee, cigarettes and cats).
I don’t know why people are so shocked at the disclosure that women in the BBC earn a great deal less than the men. From what I hear from my female friends, with a few notable exceptions, it is the same everywhere and as Jess Crispin explains in her book, Why I am Not a Feminist, nothing much has changed even when women are in charge. When I had to go to work at another Wsyrtdypmrd after my previous store closed, I was classed as two paygrades lower than my mostly male counterparts despite the fact that I had worked for the company for much longer, had more experience and knowledge and had even helped to train some of these now co-workers! Working part-time as many women are forced to do when they have children did and does not help the cause; shorter hours mistakenly taken to mean less work and rushing home to deal with fractious children taken as a snub to the outer office camaraderie and social politics.
I did promise to add to my summer reading list so here goes:
A Spot of Bother, Mark Haddon – not a new one just new to me and I really enjoyed it. It is actually a funny book which is quite unusual in itself as a recently retired man has a mid-life crisis.
The Party, Elizabeth Day – this is actually a hardback (sorry) but a very slim one and it is a very good holiday read as simmering affections and resentments come to a head at – a party!
Collected Stories
, Somerset Maugham – which I am actually listening to on Radio 4 extra but have read before and they are a wonderful stories about long ago times and places.
Heat Wave, Penelope Lively – actually I would re-read any Penelope Lively but this has all the drama of a hot summer to recommend it.

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