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Amazingly, in these unpredictable times, The Booker longlist was released a week ago. Much as I like to be the voice of the people in these matters, I am confounded by the number of books on it that I haven’t read due to altered release dates and also the number of debuts on the list – 8 in total! This seems slightly bizarre to me. I obviously can’t comment on how good or not they are but I thought recognition by the Booker marked a certain pinnacle in an author’s works (not to be confused with a lifetime achievement award even though the actual book nominated is not the author’s best…) They may all be outstanding but it seems a bit early on in a career to have reached that point with one’s first novel… However, I am excited to give them a go and am ready to eat my large, floppy sunhat!

You can find all the books on our homepage and share your views on the longlist here. Let’s start a conversation that isn’t about a virus or Brexit!

I have actually been on a reading high recently. These books have helped restore my faith in humanity which is being sorely tried by the sight of the litter on the beaches recently! I return home from walks spent picking up a small percentage ready to weep enough to rival Alice’s Pool of Tears. So my picks this week are:

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