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Long time readers of my column will know that I am not of the glass half full type at the best of times.  Nevertheless, it is at times like these that one’s inner metal shows and I am determined to come up gold!

So below I list my reasons to be cheerful!

Cleaner air – a marked reduction in car use is good news – less emissions in China as my son reminded me

Skylarks – I was out walking on the weekend and seeing them wheeling and chirping without a care in the world is truly uplifting

Maltesers – there has been a tragic dearth of these in the shops due to some factory malfunction but my dear rep has just bought me a large box and made my day

Friends – texting, emailing to see how I am, sending pictures of violets in the wood, chatting about books read – invaluable!

Empty trains – unheard of in life B.C

Mayerling on i-player – my ballet classes are sadly cancelled but at least I can watch this fabulous ballet and remind myself of what could have been…

Cats – blissfully ignorant of anything but a warm lap and their stomachs!

Books – of course I can see my daughter’s eyes rolling as I write.!  A bit weirdly I find crime novels rather comforting at times like these especially those of the golden age.

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