“I love wandering through the door and immersing myself in this little literary world.” – Julie Falconer, A Lady in London, Nine Independent Bookshops You Have to Visit in London January 12th 2017

“That this small shop appears all over the internet’s top ten bookshop lists speaks volumes..” – Culture Whisper, Ten of the Best Bookshops in London August 24th 2016

“Perhaps the most serious of the bookshops is Lutyens & Rubinstein. Since 2009 its Notting Hill building has been divided between a bookshop and a literary agency.” – The New York Times, London Bookstores Go Rogue as No Wi-Fi Zones August 14th 2016

“The white store and apartment fronts of the neighborhood are as charming on the outside as this chic bookstore is on the inside, with paperback birds and mobiles hanging from the ceiling and two floors of glossy covers to keep you shopping for hours.” – The Independent, 12 bookstores every reader should visit in their lifetime May 15th 2016

“From the moment its doors opened seven years ago, Lutyens & Rubinstein has enjoyed an ever-expanding band of loyal customers, in spite of the rise of Amazon and the Kindle.” – The Guardian, Interview with a bookstore March 28th 2016

“For book worms, old and young, Lutyens & Rubinstein offer a year of books, delivered monthly. Unwrap a literary classic or a new release (there’s the option to request a specific genre), and choose between hardback and paperback.” – The Telegraph December 24th 2015

“On top of the spectrum of genre-spanning books at this literary bolthole, you can also pick up some killer wall art from the likes of Serge Seidlitz, a great subscription in which you’ll get one new book delivered to your door every month, and, most importantly, a jar of homemade jam.” – Chris Sayer, Shortlist, The Twenty Mightiest Small Bookshops December 15th 2015

“Instead, the repeated monochrome motif of the Lutyens & Rubinstein Bookshop [tote bag] has the edge, partially for reasons of exclusivity: L&R has just one store as opposed to Daunt’s six.” – Hannah Marriott, The Guardian, November 16th 2015

“Lutyens & Rubinstein on Kensington Park Road is a gem, with its knowledgeable, helpful staff and a thoughtful selection of inspirational books. It’s my first stop for a last-minute gift, an arty card and beautiful wrapping paper.” – Raphaele Canot, Matches Style Report, October 21st 2015

“My favourite bookshop. I never get out of its door without a bag full of new reads, presents and arty cards.” – Rita Jones – Art Gallerist, The Telegraph, April 19th 2015

“Lutyens & Rubinstein on Kensington Park Road is a gem.” – Rhea Papanicolaou-Frangista – Founder of Prettly, LDNFashion, January 12th 2015

“A Year In Books package, which delivers a hand-picked must-read book to your door each month throughout the year. Since the manager takes the time to discover the customer’s personal literary taste, (as most good bookshop managers do these days), each book is perfectly tailored to the reader. No faceless Amazon Algorithm coldly crunching keywords there, just proper old-school, thoughtful, human interaction.” – Hattie Holden Edmonds, Huffington Post, November 13th 2014

“Whichever way you’re inclined when it comes to books, the array of crafty book art hanging from the ceiling in Lutyens & Rubinstein bookstore will make anyone want a piece of a novel; whether it’s to cut up or read.” – Sophie Newstead, Corner Magazine, October 22nd 2014

“In a market where the anonymity of online chains can seem daunting, here in the heart of the capital is a friendly reminder of the merits of going independent. – Yale University Press, Bookshop of the Month, July 28th 2014

“Even the books appear to be more beautiful than usual, as though they’ve been selected for the beauty of their spines as much as for their fascinating contents. And behind that beauty there really is fascination, with a considered offering to make any discerning bookshopper think carefully about reading (through and) beyond the bestseller list.” – Erica, The Bookshop Around the Corner, July 24th 2014

“Above all, Lutyens & Rubinstein offer a well chosen stock of fiction, biography and popular reference titles, a good children’s section as well as poetry and art books. The staff are also an important part of the shop’s appeal and they go out of their way to offer recommendations and order books quickly when not in stock.” – Book Lover’s London, July 17th 2014

“One of Buzzfeed’s 14 Beautiful Independent Bookshops in London, July 2nd 2014

“Lutyens & Rubinstein’s collection is shaped by a focus on excellence in writing and narrative.” – The Resident, Five of the Best West London Bookshops, June 17th 2014

“Lutyens & Rubinstein bookshop hosts stimulating literary events.” – Chris Roberts, The London Magazine, May 1st 2014

“Independent bookshops inspire great affection, and the best of them, such as Lutyens & Rubinstein in west London, offer more astute personal advice than an algorithm ever could.” – Rosanna de Lisle, Intelligent Life Magazine, May/June 2014

“This isn’t the travel bookshop from my Notting Hill movie but Lutyens & Rubinstein in Notting Hill is my favourite bookshop in London.” – Richard Curtis, The Evening Standard, August 27 2013

“This tiny bookshop in Kensington has an unbelievably wonderful selection of books, including a fantastic children’s section. I don’t know how they do it but they clearly spend a lot of time carefully choosing their stock.” – Alastair Fothergill, The Telegraph, May 13th 2013

“A warning: You may be popping in for a paperback, but trust us, it’s impossible to leave this place without a tote bag stuffed with new reads, arty cards and paperweights, and book-inspired scents from CB I Hate Perfume.”
Erin Donnelly, Refinery 29, May 1st 2013

“Lutyens & Rubinstein, which offers a wide range of bespoke services.”
Jaideep Unudurti, Indian Express, March 11th 2013

“Notting Hill based Lutyens and Rubinstein bookshop is a space that offers not just Great Expectations but Great Experiences as well.”
Marta Jankovska, Indigo Memoirs, March 8th 2013

“Keep Mum, Small Indulgences for Mother’s Day. 2. Lutyens & Rubinstein: A Year in Books. A beautifully wrapped novel a month”
Financial Times Magazine, March 2nd 2013

“A bijou Notting Hill bookshop where you might meet a husband”
Tatler, March 2013

“London’s Most Beautiful Bookstore”
Remodelista, 24th January 2013

“London är bra på små, fina bokaffärer och Lutyens & Rubinstein är en av de bästa. Den har funnits sedan 2009 och säljer både skönlitterära böcker och facklitteratur. Här hittar man fina konst- och modeböcker och det finns också en del barnböcker.”
Cajsa Lykke Carlson, Res.se, 7th January 2013

“I have properly re-discovered independent bookshops this year in my determined anti-Amazon push and it is here that you find the truly unusual and therefore the perfect presents, such as Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris: Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry, by Leanne Shapton (in Lutyens & Rubinstein)”
Hadley Freeman, The Guardian, 17th December 2012

“Children who are away at school needn’t miss out on the joys of independent bookshops, thanks to Lutyens & Rubinstein… For £100, they’ll send your absent youngster a new book every month of the academic year.”
Country Life Magazine, 14th November 2012

“Lutyens and Rubinstein is as diverse as it is carefully curated.”
ShopIkon, 12th October 2012

“Avec sa petite mezzanine et ses suspensions décoratives en pages de livres, Lutyens & Rubinstein a un charme certain… On y trouve de tout, de la fiction à la poésie en passant par les livres d’enfants ou d’art, et même de la porcelaine et du miel maison!”
Le Figaro Magazine, 29th June 2012

“If like me, you love being enveloped by a good bookshop, then Lutyens and Rubinstein is the one for you, and the chances are you will want to share with others their bespoke service.”
Platform 505, 27th June 2012

“London’s best bookshop sits around the corner from Portobello. Lutyens & Rubinstein is where I buy all my books, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.”
Ben Fogle, Daily Telegraph, 24th February 2012

“Bokhandeln är utformad så att den ska locka till att gå runt och få en överblick genom att känna på och titta i böckerna.”
Charlotta Lindell, Dagens Nyheter January 2012

“This is a great little bookshop, whose smart owners give good recommendations. Places like this are disappearing in America.”
James Frey, Time Out Best Shops in London November 2011

“The Kensington Park Road bookseller beloved not just for its reading material but its literary-inspired fragrances from CB I Hate Perfume in Williamsburg, NYC”
Juliet Kinsman, Absolutely Notting Hill, November 2011

“Split over two floors, it’s beautiful and serene: original paper mobiles hang from the ceiling, large windows (which display a new poem every few weeks) flood the shop with light. The core stock of adult fiction and non-fiction is not categorised, with each book a personal recommendation, assembled by asking people which books they would want.”
The Guardian Independent Bookshops Directory, 1st October 2011

“I love Lutyens & Rubinstein – it’s a must-visit independent book store and there aren’t many of those left!”
Stacey Duguid, Elle, September 2011

“I buy all my poetry books at this tiny Notting Hill bookstore. It also stocks limited editions and has an excellent selection of art books.”
Fru Tholstrup, Stella Magazine, 28th August 2011

“As befits its fashionable and design-concious surroundings, here the point is quality not quantity; L&R is a calm, airy space where customers can help themselves to tea and coffee and, if not in the mood for book-buying, can pick up a print, a cup and saucer or even some marmalade.”
The London Magazine, July 2011

“In store there are fixed stands for new paperbacks and hardbacks, poetry, children’s books and graphic novels but the rest of the shop’s “canon” is arranged alphabetically to encourage the “romance” of browsing.”
The Bookseller, April 15th 2011

“A stylish and diverse range of new books and other cool items, all cleverly arranged and chicly packaged.”
Amanda Ross, The Telegraph, March 14th 2011

“Guided by their sure touch, its shelves are lined with popular and recherche titles, each with an encouraging ‘hand-picked’ feel.”
Vicci Bentley, Financial Times Magazine, January 21st 2011

“My lady love’s birthday loomed. What present could I possibly find for her? What about a book? So I put the problem to Claire, the brilliant manager at Lutyens & Rubinstein, my local bookshop. She would certainly crack it… That’s why L&R flourishes while all around small independent bookshops are going down like ninepins”
Godfrey Smith, The Sunday Times, December 5th 2010

“Lutyens & Rubinstein is possibly one of the most beautiful bookshops we’ve been to.”
Rachel H, Londonist, November 7th 2010

“From the moment I popped my head inside, I knew this was going to be my new favourite bookshop.”
Rob Vaild, Le Cool London, November 2010

September 24th 2010 Winner of The Great Little Shop Award 2010
“An elegant display, very well informed staff and an eclectic selection make Lutyens & Rubinstein an instant classic. It’s also wonderfully handy for the Portobello Road and all its manifold joys”
Mariella Frostrup

“A recent find is a new bookshop on Kensington Park Road, Lutyens & Rubinstein”
Seth Stein, Financial Times Magazine, August 31st 2010

“Service from high-street chains or websites can’t compare”
Monocle Magazine, July/August 2010

“Leading the pack is Notting Hill store Lutyens & Rubinstein which has chic monochrome decor, cool origami-esque lighting and book sculptures”
Elle Decoration, July 2010

“Felicity and Sarah seem to have reinvented the art of bookselling in this delightful emporium, imaginatively stocked with titles you wouldn’t find elsewhere (as well as the obvious hits) and a quirky range of cards, stationery and other surprises.”
Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph, December 7th 2009

“Extras such as perfume inspired by books, Westbourne honey from Felicity’s bee-keeping husband and wrapping paper and cards by local and international designers make the place a wonderful local asset.”
Pendle Harte, The Hill, December 3rd 2009

“When they are good, aren’t bookshops just about the best thing in the world? I think so.”
Rachel Cooke, The Observer, 29th November 2009

“In this Notting Hill store, coffee is served in china cups and literary-inspired perfumes are sold with the Austen and Tolkein”
Ben Machell, The Times, November 28th 2009

“Lutyens & Rubinstein is the perfect book shop”
Vogue Blog, October 27th 2009

“As e-readers launch left right and centre, the discerning book-lover is rushing to a small independent bookshop that’s just opened in Notting Hill in London”
Amy Jenkins, The Independent, October 17th 2009

“We’ve fallen in love with Lutyens & Rubinstein”
Stella Magazine (The Telegraph)

“When I stepped into Lutyens & Rubinstein, I remembered that it is because of bookshops that I fell in love with reading in the first place.”
The Lady Magazine