As well as books, Lutyens & Rubinstein stock a range of ‘other necessities’, many of which are sold exclusively through us. Any of these products can be purchased via the ‘ordering’ page on this site but it’s worth calling to check availability first as many of them are bespoke or limited edition pieces.

CB Perfume from the Brooklyn-based, award-winning former cab driver, Christopher Brosius. We stock a range of nine of his scents; many of them inspired by novels, poems and libraries. Click here for more details.
Cups & Saucers
A range of cappuccino and espresso cups and saucers. Click here for more details.
We exhibit a selection of prints by Hugo Guinness and Phil Shaw. We also have painted trompe l’oeil books by Leanne Shapton, book sculptures by Andrew Malone and handmade Hazard Books. Click here for more information.
We carry a range of cards, including a number of hand made designs created especially for L&R by Hugo Guinness, Shirley McLaughlin, Linda Bruce and Melissa Bank (author of The Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing), among others. We also stock a range of Judd Street wrapping papers inspired by 1920s bookbinding designs, and our own gift tags, designed by Jane Finigan. N.B. All profits from the Hugo Guinness cards go to the Bougainville Library Project.
Westbourne Products
A seasonal range of locally produced, home made jams, marmalade and honey. Click here for more information
A fully reversible signature L&R canvas bag. Click here for more details.
Jane Finigan original paperweights. Click here for more details.

We are constantly adding to our range of other necessities. At the moment, dotted around the shop and amongst the books, you will find antique china and some hand-blown, giant apothecary jars.