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July 10, 2013

We’re very happy to be having a sneak preview of an exhibition that’s at the Tabernacle from the 15th of July. Alexander Massouras is a self-taught British artist, who works primarily in etchings. We’ve stocked his book Three Cautionary Tales for a while, and it always gets a great response.

We’ve currently got a narrative series of etchings on display in the shop stairwell, as well as some of his gilded prints, which look particularly lovely in the sun! Prices start at £350 for an unframed print.

His new prints include satirical etchings of Boris Johnson and David Cameron (The Sun King and Camerondius respectively) which have been purchased by the British Museum to join their print collection. He’s also working in paint, and we’re rather taken by this painting of a diver, which will also be on display at the Tabernacle.

For more information visit Julian Page Fine Art

June 30, 2013
The Grand Georgette

We are big fans of Georgette Heyer at L&R. All of us have at some point whiled away a rainy (or indeed sunny) afternoon by reading one of her witty Regency romances. There is a small but vocal faction here which claims that she is better than Jane Austen, which is a controversial opinion, but not completely unbelievable.

We were absolutely delighted to hear that Arrow were planning to produce new jackets for six of our favourites, and even more delighted to be asked to give a bit of feedback as fans to the designers about what we were looking for with the design of the books.

We think these covers are absolutely gorgeous, and will appeal (as do the books) to readers aged 15 to 105. Come and talk to us if you need a good introduction to Heyer, we’ll happily recommend our favourites.

May 13, 2013
Animal Magnetism

We’re very pleased to be hosting a small selection of photographic prints by the Italian artist Giacomo Brunelli in the shop at the moment. This is in advance of his show at The Tabernacle, which will run from the 20th to the 26th of May.

From 6pm on the night of Saturday 25th May, we will be selling copies of Giacomo’s book Animals at the Tabernacle, and he will be giving a talk and signing.

His photographs of animals have an incredible depth of field, and really seem to capture the essence of their subjects. You can read him talking about this photo ‘Dog’ here on the Guardian website.

There is more information, including the opening times of the exhibition on the Julian Page Fine Art website.

May 4, 2013
Running Wild

Since the Olympics last summer, we’ve noticed a definite surge in books about athletics, and particularly running. This shelf is actually a fairly small selection of the titles that have been released recently.

Two of us have become quite keen runners over the last year, and Alexandra Heminsley’s book Run Like A Girl has definitely inspired us to take our running further (although maybe not as far as she does – we’re still not convinced that we could manage a marathon).

And today, Paul Collicutt, author of The Murder Mile (centre above), and Sam Humphrey who is Sales and Marketing Manager from his publisher SelfMadeHero, stopped off at the shop on a 13 mile run that took them from The Broadway Bookshop in Hackney all the way to Queen’s Park Books. We were the penultimate stop, and couldn’t believe how fresh they looked after over 11 miles of running, but as it turned out Sam recently came 65th in this year’s London Marathon, perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Paul signed and doodled in our copies of The Murder Mile, and they’ve also left us signed prints. Set in 1954. The Murder Mile follows the investigation into the murder of a fictional athlete attempting to break the world record, with the backdrop of the race to break the four-minute mile. It’s an excellent read, and Paul’s doodles in the front of our copies are their own sporting record.

April 24, 2013
Booked up

We were absolutely delighted to spend World Book Night with the Friends of Notting Hill Preparatory School Library. The school has been raising funds to completely re-vamp their library, including getting lots of new books.

We had great fun choosing the books for them, and we’re looking forward to helping more schools (and hotels, private homes, boats…) with their libraries in future.

February 12, 2013
Masada Masada

In the ongoing tradition of photographing our bags whenever they are in exotic locales, here is J’s bag at Masada in Israel, where she’s attending the Jerusalem Book Fair.

January 12, 2013
Reasons to be Cheerful

As grey and horrid as it is outside (and we’re promised snow soon), there are always a few things that cheer up January at L&R.

The first thing is of course a fabulous new selection of paperbacks for our table – including some of our favourite new books of the last year: Alys Always, Gone Girl and HHhH are just a small taste of the books we’re recommending to liven up jaded post-festive palates.

And for your actual jaded post-festive palate, January sees the return of our wonderful home-made, award winning marmalade. Last year our marmalade won a gold award at the Marmalade Awards, which we’re pleased to note are sponsored by Paddington Bear. It really is one of our most delicious preserves, and always in high demand, so pop in and collect your jar soon!

November 22, 2012
Art at L&R – Soft City

The Soft City (AKA Daniel Speight) spent this morning installing a BookBlock in our window.

Dan’s bespoke illustrations of buildings are printed onto reclaimed books to create a really beautiful, and unique piece of art.

The BookBlock in our window is Lower Marsh Street, and costs £399. Dan will also produce BookBlocks on commission, so do ask us if you’re interested in having your own street, or house recreated.

November 21, 2012
Art at L&R – Jane Finigan

Jane Finigan has been making paperweights out of found objects for us since we first opened.

She has just produced a beautiful new set of weights with the alphabet on them, made out of a set of playing cards she found in a junk shop.

Jane can also make bespoke paperweights, so it’s always worth asking if you’ve a particular person in mind but you can’t see the right design.

The paperweights are £25 each.

November 20, 2012
Art at L&R – Serge Seidlitz

We are so delighted that the brilliant illustrator Serge Seidlitz has produced a series of limited edition prints exclusively for the bookshop.

Like his amazing Bookshelf print these prints are hand silk-screened and then sympathetically framed.

They look so lovely as a set that we’ve found it hard to pick our favourites – the whale? The pens and pencils? The bottle of L&R’s natural remedy? We love them all.

They’re £100 each.

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