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Amaryllis is Away

This will be my last dispatch as the summer holidays beckon and whilst many of you will be off to The Country or another country, I will be heading for the Highlands: by day scaling the misty mountains, striding through the bracken and running with the deer; by night, lying under the stars or dazzling […]

Notes from a Teenager

We were lucky enough to have a Work Experience Lad for a couple of days this week, who cheerfully performed a number of tasks that were vastly beneath his intellect. We asked him to write his list of Summer reading for this site, expecting maybe The Hardy Boys or George MacDonald Fraser, and were very […]

Amaryllis on Centre Court

I have always loved Wimbledon fortnight: tennis is actually the only sport that I can bear to watch; I think because, at its best, it is like dance; elegance and fluidity masking extreme athleticism and hard work. However, I have to admit that there are things about the whole televised bit that really annoy me… […]

A tale of Amaryllis

A Story for Independent Bookshop Week… Once upon a time, there was a little girl called… let’s just call her A. She had hair as black as a raven’s wing, eyes as green as fresh grass and lips as red as wild strawberries. In fact, she hasn’t really changed at all. Anyway she usually ran […]

Independent Bookshop Week – Bookshop Party

Amaryllis on Hubris

We are now officially the laughing stock of Europe… a high price to pay for the bookshop now being in a Labour constituency for the first time in its life. Politicians! When will they ever learn? Perhaps if they studied a bit of Greek history, surely on the Eton/grammar school syllabus, they might have learned […]

Amaryllis on the Silver Screen

It was book group this morning and we were discussing Patrick Hamilton’s searing novel of London just before the outbreak of war, Hangover Square: a sad, lonely schizophrenia sufferer and his mad obsession with Netta, the beautiful but cruelly indifferent object of his desire. It is a novel that positively reeks of cigarette smoke and […]

Amaryllis: What the Dickens?

When I was a small girl, there used to be on television a short children’s programme called Hector’s House. This was in the days before children had their own programme channel, their own television in their own rooms. Hector’s House was the last children’s programme of the day and was shown just before the early […]

Amaryllis Re-reads

Sometimes, it is a wonder to me that the face I present to the world in the mornings is so constant in its serenity and peace. Because, this completely belies the nightmare couple of hours that I sometimes have to suffer on my journey to work caused by people! Take this morning for example: I […]

Amaryllis’ Maternal Instinct

Last Sunday was of course Mother’s Day, another of those horrid exclusive celebrations for the smug. Anyway, my son was working and my younger daughter didn’t think it was worth the trip back from the States, so it was left to my middle daughter to make my day. We decided to see a film together […]