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Amaryllis Does It Herself

I had a few days off at the beginning of the wee:. I didn’t go anywhere; like Dorothy I prefer home and home is very beautiful at this time of year. It was made more so by the arrival of thousands of Brent Geese from Siberia tempted by the legendary happiness of my part of […]

Amaryllis is Not Amused

Christmas is coming. We know this not because geese are getting visibly fat but because of the rising preponderance of so called humour books… Last year the Christmas best-seller lists were topped by the Ladybird spoofs: these were formatted on an idea by someone who published an original parody entitled We Go to the Gallery […]

Amaryllis Celebrates Her Independence

So, I had just got over the dire man Booker shortlist and was luxuriating in animated book group discussions when some self important Italian journalist came up with his nasty little expose… Having trawled through her financial transactions – is that even legal? – Claudio Gatti triumphantly proclaimed that Elena Ferrante, author of some of […]

Autumn Amaryllis

Tomorrow it will be the first of October, practically Autumn, season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and cosy evenings huddled up against the radiator with a big book! At this time of the year, thoughts turn to old familiars and the Penguin classics on my shelf stand up taller and start giving me the eye, pick […]

Amaryllis Tunes In

There are people in the world who are fortunate enough to have partners who read to them, people such as our dear JF. Should I ever be tempted again into sharing my life with someones, he who read most divinely and devotedly would be the lucky man. However, I don’t have to bother with all […]

Amaryllis: Pollyanna or Eeyore?

Reflecting on last week’s epistle, I am conscious that I came over a bit Corporal Fraser with his portents of doom (I have watched the repeats!). I am a bit of a cracked glass, fully empty but there is no reason to inflict my negativity on others so I am aiming for more Pollyanna, less […]

Amaryllis Takes the Train

I have always been very fond of travelling by train: travelling at speed through hill and dale, the possibility of romantic brief encounters; in fact it is quite one of my favourite places in which to read and that is fortunate because I spend quite a few hours on trains throughout the week… However, being […]

Amaryllis goes Clubbing

This week, we are beginning to see the return of the residents of Notting Hill from their sojourns to foreign lands, and now the carnival is over and the shadows are lengthening we are looking forward to the resumption of business as usual. Yesterday, the first of our book clubs, the lunchtime classics group, reconvened […]

Amaryllis on Happiness

Although my heart is undoubtedly in the glens, it would be churlish of me not to extend my ample charms to the world at large so I have taken up residence in a little seaside town on the Essex coast. This town has just been voted the happiest place in Britain to live, just 3 […]

Amaryllis: Tech Support

A recent article in the New York Times was headed ‘London bookstores go rogue as no wi-fi zones’. We merited inclusion as the bookshop where you wouldn’t even dare to ask for the wi-fi code’. My colleagues (JAM in particular) assume that this customer asked me and I had no idea what he/she was talking […]